10 Tips for the best pic

10 Tips for the best pic

10 Tips To Take The Best Pic

Tricks of the Trade

Pick a Time

Lighting is crucial to a good picture. Always keep the sun behind you. Afternoon light is the most flattering between 2-4pm. Make sure there are no shadows.

Groom the Horse

A good groom makes a huge difference, a bath, clipped, braided and bridled horse catches the eyes. Either way your horse should be mud/stain free, mane to one side, polished hooves and tailed brushed with a leather halter or bridle.

Find the Spot

The background is crucial… a dark or ugly background can deter a potential buyer so fast! Outdoor pictures make a horse look their best. Find a flat spot with a grassy background or pretty fence but not too busy as it will pull attention away from the horse.

Shoot Level

From the side, aim at the mid barrel, perpendicular to the horse. Shooting from a high angle will make your horse look small or short legged as an example.

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Make sure to use high quality cell phone or camera to take your pictures. Clean lenses make a big difference! Use a steady surface for videos for better quality.


Make sure the rider/handler is dress appropriately. Basic colour clothing, proper shoes and tidy look.

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The Picture

The horse should take up 50% of the frame. Make sure to stand closer instead of zooming in. Take head shots, legs shots and conformation shots first.


This is the hardest part. Try taking moving pictures in burst or shutter. This will help capture the perfect shot.

The Candid

Make sure to have some fun and show off your horses goofy side too! This shouldn’t be stressful for anyone!

Don’t Forget!

It’s all about showing off your horse! Ask yourself; Does my horse look like a million bucks? Did I catch their best angle?

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