Buyer & Seller Info

For the Seller

Your Options

We want this to be risk free for you so we have some options for you.

You can choose to deny the bid!

You can choose the reserve

You can choose a buyout price

You can relist

You can pick one of our set auctions or

You can set your own day to sell by at our live auction

Your timeline

Enter your horse online via our submit horse page.

Once your horse is listed, sellers are prohibited to sell their horse elsewhere, but can assist with promoting their horse or pony.

Once the auction has started seller cannot withdraw their horse without penalty but may substitute.

Owners can choose to put a Buy Now Option on their listing during the auction, this bypasses all bidding and secures your ownership.

Once the highest bid has been place and the auction has closed the seller has 24 hours to confirm or deny bid.

Once the bid is accepted, sellers agrees to keep the horse or pony until hauling is arranged.

Once the bid is accepted sellers will be paid within 2 business days

See TERMS & CONDITIONS for more details

What you need

Hutter Sport Horse Auction Price List

A horse or pony

Professional Pictures

Links to video in hand, loose, and undersaddle

Required: Stages of Vetting

Required:  Printable Veterinary Exam Form

Radiograph examples for performance horses and ponies

Submit your horse

For the Buyer

Your Options

Instead of you travelling to the horse, the horse travels to you

Buy online from anywhere in the world

View health records and detailed pictures before buying

Contact seller directly

View the horse or send a representative to try them

Watch the horses sales videos online from your couch

Get additional vetting done prior to the sale

Your timeline

View horses prior to the sale

Register to bid.

Bid on the horse of your choice

You will be notified when you are outbid and when your bid is accepted

When you are the highest bidder you will be notified

Buy Now Options will be available at certain auctions where you can buy for the highest value on the spot.

Highest bidder will be charges a 7% deposit  via credit card immediately upon the sale closing.

The remainder owing can be paid up to 2 days after the sale

Buyer is responsible for transport of the horse

Buyer has 5 days to pick up horse before seller can charge board

Once sale is final, buyer assumes all responsibility for their new horse

See TERMS & CONDITIONS for more details

What you need

To Register

To Bid

To Pay

And get yourself a new horse !!!

Need more info?

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