Frequently Asked Questions


What does my horse need to enter?

It is highly recommended to have full pre purchase exam done along with a full set of X-rays.  Basic health papers to travel across the border. Horses must have professional sales video and pictures done. Horses must be sound, sane and drug free to enter the auction.

Where is the auction located?

The auction is online. Any horse standing in Canada is accepted to be entered.

How much does it cost?

Hutter Sport Horse Auction charges a 7% commission when the horse is sold during the sale. 10% when the horse is sold before or after the sale. Additional cost may be incurred such as office fees, sales media, boarding, and vetting if not completed prior to the sale.

How do I bid?

Register through our website. Once registered bids can be placed and email notifications will be sent to the highest bidder and or winner.

How do I pay?

Payment can be done through paypal, wire transfer, cash or certified bank draft. If you have bought a horse from us please email for additional payment info.

Can I try the horse?

Yes, horses can be tried before the auction. Please contact us to book appointment.

What if I need sales media?

We come to you or horses can be boarded with us for the month of the auction to be prepped for sale. We include conformation pictures, under saddle videos, and free jump videos.

What if I Sell my horse prior to the auction

If your horse sells 7 days prior or 30 days post sale a 10% commission will be charged.

What types of auctions do you host?

We offer different types of auctions. Riding sport horses, broodmare/foal, prospect to 5 year old and elite horses; ones who have solid show record. We also host breed specific auction on request, private auctions, retirement sales etc.

How often do you have auctions?

We host semi-monthly auctions across Canada.

What is Sales Media?

Sales media includes a conformation photo of the sale horse show clean with a bridle on, free jumping in a chute, flatting either dressage or jumper and a jumping video catered to the horses level.

How do I enter my horse?

Submit your horse via the form on the website/ submit horse page. All horses are subject to approval. Horses will only be posted on the auction site when all paperwork, sales media, and vetting is complete.

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