Hutter Sport Horse: The Foundation

Hutter Sport Horse: The Foundation

Why I Chose to Start an Online Auction Company

You likely know nothing about me but I’m here to tell you my story as to why I started Hutter Sport Horse Auctions online for the horse industry. 

I am a firm believer in you get what you put out into the universe and after recently purchasing yet another horse without trying him it made me want to tell you my story. I’ve owned countless horses over my 15 years in the industry and not one of them have I tried before I bought them, let alone seen before arriving in my barn. I couldn’t tell you why this is, it’s not something I plan for, but with each horse that comes and goes in my life I am thankful as there is a reason for every single one of them and I trust that process, knowing that what they bring to me, the good and the bad, is only there to teach me to be a better owner, handler, caregiver, rider, teacher and horsewoman. Most of the time when I acquire a new horse it’s not because I need one, or am looking for one, let alone have space for one, but usually because I come across one and can’t get them out of my head, their looks, their temperment, their bloodlines, it’s different for every horse, but something always sticks with me. It’s not every time that I buy the horse right away, sometimes months go by, but when the time comes to commit I’m always ready to pay and move the horse in a timely manner for a quick, easy, uncomplicated sale. Combining my lifetime experience of buying horses sight unseen or without trial, and honouring quick, easy, uncomplicated sales to the seller, I wanted to start a company that would reflect my story and bring good karma to buyers and sellers like me who wish to have quick, easy and uncomplicated horse sales. 

While you may think ‘that’s nice for you, but I need to ensure the horse is the right fit, safe enough, comfy enough for me’ and I understand not everyone is capable of starting young horses from the ground up , or buying before trying etc, but horses at the end of the day are a reflection of what you put into them. While one owner may become sour because the horse isn’t doing this, or doesn’t have that, the next owner can walk in the door already in love, and that love and positivity is what makes the horse so different from one owner to the next. So that’s why I’ve never been worried what the horse feels like, how they behave, what their coat looks like, because a horse will reflect the comfort and trust you give them under saddle, the love you give them while brushing, the security you provide them while grazing. At the end of the day horses are and will always be a herd animal and will always work with, or work against their leader the same way you would with your boss. If you like your boss, like their personality, like their structure, you will work and perform and be happy to do your job, challenge yourself to do better under them and even be happy to provide a little extra laugh, extra coffee, extra time because you enjoy your position but what if your boss came into work with a grudge everyday, already thinking that you can’t do your job, bitter towards you, treats you poorly, would you get any better in that environment?  

Horses are very similar, and evolve or unevolve depending on their environment- very delicate creature when mixed with our anthropomorphic emotions. I’ve never had any doubt in a horse that has come into my life because in the end I know they will provide me with more knowledge then I ever knew I needed; if I water, feed and train them with the love and compassion they all deserve. 

For this reason I started Hutter Sport Horse Auctions, an online auction platform for buyers and sellers to sell their horse in a timely, uncomplicated manner. Horses are deserving creatures and the best decision a horse owner can do is know when to find their horse a better home, not every horse is in our life for a long time, but while they are with us it’s our duty to provide them the best care and opportunities that suit their needs. So, there is a time when all horse owner have to sell, and all horse owners are ready to buy again, and when that time comes we will be here, providing you with an online platform catered to everyone’s needs when it comes to buying and selling.

– Danielle 

Founder of Hutter Sport Horse Auctions

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