Our Standard

Our Standard

We’ve set our standard high for our Elite Auction This Spring!

Our focus is to make buying and selling horses more friendly for both parties. I, myself have been on both sides of the horse industry and there is always hassle… you find a horse you love, you drive long hours to try the horse and decide to go through with vetting out of your pocket… that’s where everything falls apart. The vetting doesn’t come back clean and hidden issues are revealed, you back out and throw that money down the drain: Repeat! 

Selling horses comes with hassle of its own. We’ve all had that one horse that took 20+ showings before they found ‘the one’.  Nothing wrong with the horse but likely the lack of information that led to the quality of the triers. Now who wants to deal with that? I know I no longer want to. 

This old method is draining for the rider, the trainer, and the seller when time and time again the deal doesn’t go through. We want to sell horses the most honest way possible and by doing that we are putting everything upfront!

All horses will be approved after having a full prepurchase exam done, a full set of x-rays on file (for horses of significant value), video that includes free running or lunging, free jumping (if applicable), under saddle riding, along with head shots, conformation pictures and leg shots. This can be done by the owner or by us. 

By having all this information on file before purchase it allows the buyer to make  an educated decision before trying the horse, knowing that the risks, if any, are upfront.  This will eliminate dead end trials and walk outs after vetting.  Buyers will feel a peace of mind knowing that the horse they go and try is true to the information on file and sellers will gain their piece of mind knowing that their horse is only being tried by very serious people. Win win for both parties!

If a seller is listing more than 5 horses an option to do vetting on demand is available to assist the owner financially. 

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