Types of Auctions

Pony Auction

This auction is held online for any sport ponies going under saddle and pony prospects. We love our ponies and make this specific auctions for those looking!

Ponies in the auctions display talent for the hunter/jumper rings. Ponies are selected by type, style, size and temperment. Ponies range from unstarted, to well oiled lesson ponies. Great one stop shop if you want lots of variety in your pony shopping. 

Sport Horse and Warmblood Auctions

This auction is held online for any horse that is under saddle. Horse accepting into this auction are for sale and ready to be sold.  Horses entered into this auction should have basic health check by vet 30 days prior to the sale. This auction is for hunters, jumpers, dressage, eventing, and even western horses too! 

In all auction horses should have the following: conformation shots including head, body, legs, hooves. Video including riding the horse walk, trot, canter and jumping if fit to do so. Loose video of the horse either lunging or free running to show natural gaits. A video of the horse walking towards camera head on. The more video the better as long as its quality and close up. Make sure when making the video that you put your horses best moves first to keep potential buyers attention. Videos should be under 5 min total. If you do not know how to make video and upload on youtube we can do it for you for an extra charge. 

Make sure you and your horse are dressed to impress!

Hutter Sport Horse Auctions

Foal, broodmares and prospects

Any foal, broodmare or unstarted horse/prospect can be entered into this auction for sale. Horses going into this auction should have basic health check by vet 30 days prior to the sale. Our open sale is for any breed of horse but we do have select breed sales as well. 

Horses in this auction should be sound sane and cleaned up for pictures. A good bath,some hair trims, and some braids can make a $500 horse look like $5000. Horse should be submitted with conformation photos from all sides including head and legs.  This auction is super important to show your horses natural ability from the ground, its encourages to free jump prospects to show their capabilities. If you are unable to do so we can do it for you!

Hutter Sport Horse Auctions Free Jumping

Elite Sport Horse Auction

This auction is to showcase proven sport horses, ones that have tons of miles in the ring, championship under their belt or just downright the best of the best!! For this auction it’s highly recommended that your horse comes with a full pre purchase exam best chance of selling. 

This auctions comes with lots of details. Its very important that any and all information is accurate. Please measure your horses properly! Ponies should be carded if being sold as a show prospect. Horses is this auction should come with a PPE and full set of x-rays. Please provide their show records and passport. Professional pictures and video should be taken at home or at shows. 

Hutter Sport Horse Auctions horse for sale

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Hutter Sport Horse Auctions

Hutter Sport Horse Auctions

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